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  • Turn off all lights that are lit unnecessarily, maximizing the use of sunlight; 
  • Use low energy light bulbs in your home reduces the electricity bill and reduce CO2 emissions; 
  • Always unplug cell phone chargers, tablets, etc ... Record after loading them as they continue to consume energy; 
  • Televisions plasmas consume almost twice as much energy than an LCD. When buying a new television, keep this in mind;
  • Try turning off the standby of televisions, computers, dvd players and other devices. The famous red light can be responsible for about 5% of the electricity consumed in your home;
  • Remember that, in terms of packaging can be recycled almost everything: plastic, metal, paper / cardboard, glass and wood;
  • Drain and pour the entire contents of the packages. Whenever possible flatten them to occupy less space at home, easy transport and reduce the number of trips to the recycling center;
  • To avoid bad smells rinse containers;
  • Use whenever possible appliances labeled class A + or A + +;
  • Take showers instead of immersion baths and do not forget: be quick and while soaping not let the water run in the shower;
  • While brushing your teeth or shave close the tap. Thus spare 10, 20 or even 30 gallons of water;